Retirement Coaching:


What is it, and why is it needed
now more than ever?

Retirement coaching is a collaborative process,
in which your coach supports you (and perhaps your spouse) in preparing for and building a meaningful, fulfilling post-retirement life.

Life can be understood to exist in 4 Acts:
1st Act – Your Preparation Years
2nd Act – Career & Family Years
3rd Act – Your Encore Life
4th Act – Your Final Years

The purpose of Retirement Coaching is to help you envision and carry out your “Encore Life” – your “3rd Act” – in ways that bring you just as much fulfillment – or more – than you experienced in the first 2 Acts – and to minimize the time you spend in the 4th Act.

This work is more important than ever before in history, since we are living longer and have more opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute than any prior generation. We can craft a rich and fulfilling “3rd Act” that crowns and completes the work of our earlier lives. Retirement coaching exists to help you do just that. 

Goal Identification

1. Goal Identification

We'll help you identify your goals and objectives, and then make a plan to help you fulfill them over time.

Strategy Development

2. Strategy Development

We'll help you strategize a practical, step-by-step process for fulfilling your vision and objectives.

Education & Training

3. Education & Training

We'll provide training, written materials, and workshops to continuously expand your knowledge and skills.

Support & Accountability

4. Support & Accountability

We'll help you decide on your specific steps forward; then cheer you on as you report your progress.

Retirement Coaching
generally consists
of 3 fundamental stages:


Step 1: Assessment

Step 2: Planning

Step 3: Implementation

In Step 1, you and your coach carry out various Retirement Assessments, to determine your strengths, needs, and wants. You use this information to craft together an Encore Life Vision to guide your 3rd Act goals and actions.

In Step 2, you and your coach map out a customized plan of action, your Encore Life Plan, to guide you in your daily progression toward achieving your goals and objectives, in your retirement transition process.

In Step 3, you put into motion your Encore Life Plan created in Step 2.  Your coach assigns you homework to carry out between sessions, moving you step by step toward building your desired post-retirement life.

Through these 3 steps, your retirement coach serves as a guide, mentor, and cheerleader, providing support, motivation, and accountability. Your coach can help keep you focused from week to week, in taking powerful daily steps toward building your fulfilling, productive and rewarding 3rd Act life. In this transformative process, your coach will support you in completing your life’s work, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and leaving a meaningful legacy.


Retirement Coaching

- Strategizing retirement 
(beyond just the finances)
- Building a meaningful Encore Career
- Retirement transition
- Strengthening marriage after retirement.

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