Life Coaching

 Life Coaching:


What is it, and how is it different
from counseling or therapy?

Life coaching is a one-on-one collaborative process, 
in which your professional coach supports you (the client) in achieving your personal life goals. These goals may be in a variety of areas, depending on your own needs and preferences. These areas of focus may include:

- Increasing your personal happiness and emotional wellbeing.
- Improving your personal health and self-care.
- Expanding your productivity and work habits.
- Strengthening your organization and home management skills.
- Broadening your understanding of yourself and others.
- Developing your coping skills and resilience in adversity.
- Deepening your spirituality and sense of meaning in life.

Unlike therapy, which often focuses on the past, life coaching is focused on improving the present, and building toward the future. 

Rather than seeing you as a “broken” individual who needs healing or repair, a life coach sees you as a powerful, competent co-expert who can help identify needs and goals, craft powerful practical solutions, and implement those plans in your daily life. 

Life Coaching
generally consists
of 3 fundamental stages:


Step 1: Assessment

Step 2: Planning

Step 3: Implementation

In Step 1, you and your coach identify your existing strengths, weaknesses, obstacles, goals and objectives. You determine what you want to accomplish, and develop a vision for your transformation and growth.

In Step 2, you and your coach map out a clear plan of action, to guide you in your daily progression toward achieving your goals. You emerge with a practical set of actions to carry out day by day.

In Step 3, you put into motion the plan created in Step 2. Your coach assigns you homework to carry out between sessions, moving you step by step toward the completion of your desired objectives.

Through these 3 steps, your life coach serves as a guide, mentor, and cheerleader, providing support, motivation, and accountability. Your coach can help keep you focused from week to week in taking powerful steps toward your desired transformation – whether that be physical, spiritual, financial, or emotional. 

Your coach will help you become the best version of yourself, through consistent positive actions, carried out over time.


Life Coaching

Increasing Your Personal:
- Happiness
- Resilience
- Productivity
- Health & Wellness
- Spirituality

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