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What is an Encore career,
and how can it impact your life?

An Encore career (paid or unpaid) is a new context for work that you intentionally create, as part of your Encore life. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning – to do things you may have always dreamed of, but were unable to do before, in the midst of your prior Act 2 responsibilities with family and career roles.

An Encore career allows you to use your talents and gifts in new ways, to extend your influence to make a difference for good, in the more flexible and unpressured environment of an Act 3 life. It allows you to discover new parts of yourself, and to make new social and professional connections with others.

An Encore career allows you to more fully contribute to the world around you, and to your loved ones and community. Whether in a new business venture, or in a volunteer capacity; whether in a home environment or a high rise, in person or online, your Encore Career can be a joyful and empowering addition to your 3rd Act life

Discovering Your Encore Career - Some clients know exactly what they want to do with their Third Act years, but need help finding and executing a plan to get there, while others have struggled without a clear calling in their life, and are seeking purpose and profit during this new stage of life. An Encore Career Coach can help you with all these concerns, and much more, as you carry out this process of reimagining your life's work. 

Many individuals entering their Third Act may never plan on full-time retirement until their very final years. For financial reasons, or for personal fulfillment, they may desire to continue to contribute and find fulfillment from meaningful work and service throughout their lives.

An Encore Career Coach can support you in exploring your new career options, forming a job search plan, updating your resume, passing through the interview process, and transitioning into your new work environment.

Your coach can mentor and encourage you in this exciting but sometimes daunting task of building your Encore career - which can be part of a balanced and fulfilling 3rd Act life.  After the initial excitement of not having to go to work every day wears off, you may find that you long to put your talents to fresh new use.  An Encore career coach can help you begin learning how to do that. 

It's time to start living the life
 you always just imagined

Through this important transitional time, a retirement coach can serve as a guide, mentor, and cheerleader, providing support, motivation, and accountability. Your coach can help keep you focused from week to week, in taking powerful daily steps toward building your fulfilling, productive and rewarding Encore life. In this transformative process, your coach will support you in completing your life’s work, fulfilling your life’s purpose, and leaving a meaningful legacy.


Retirement Coaching

- Strategizing retirement 
(beyond just the finances)
- Building a meaningful Encore Career
- Retirement transition
- Strengthening marriage after retirement.

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